sermon outlines

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Destroying Strongholds

Awake and at War

Finishing the Work

Love and Obedience

Easter 2017

The Purpose of Marriage, Part Two

The Purpose of Marriage

The Goodness of God

How to Glorify God Daily

The Purpose of Life

How To Really Live

Seven Principles of Financial Blessing

How to Know You are Filled with the Holy Spirit

The Secret of Greatness

True Spirituality

Knocking on Heaven's Door

Why We Need Daily Renewal


Live Free

Are You a Servant of Grace?

A Marriage Oiled By Grace

Grace for the Hard Stuff

Seven Principles of Financial Wealth

How to Have a Happy Home

What's a Family For?

Easter Sunday -- Jesus is Alive!

7 Responsibilities of Spiritual Leadership

What Does an Overcomer Look Like?

The Hope That Overcomes the World

Bread of Life

The Storms of Life

Why is Every Day With Jesus Not Great?

Do You Want to Get Well?

How Not to Waste Your Worship

The Ultimate Priority

What is Living Water?

Seven Principles to Build Your Life On

Christmas Evening

Why Christmas is Awesome

Born Again

Turning Water into Wine

Jesus is God

Faith to Give

Faith to Commit

Faith That Moves Mountains Giving It Our Best

Faith That Moves Mountains, Part One

Never Fight Your Battles Undressed

How to be a Woman of Faith

How a Woman Can Change a Man

How a Man Can Change a Woman

Spirit Filled Living

Walking Wisely

Walking in the Light

Walking in Christ's Love

How Does God Build Unity in the Church?

The Worthy Walk

How to Get Your Power Turned On

A Peace Mission

It's All Grace

Our Resources in Christ

Saved, Sealed, Secured and Rich

Five Things to Give God Praise For


God is Always Victorious

Living the Abundant Life -- Easter Service

God's Promise -- I Will Not Falter; God is Always Watching

God's Promise -- I will Not Despair; God is Always good

Revelation--The Rapture

God's Promises -- I Will Not Doubt

God's Promises -- I Will Not Fear

God's Promises

Happy Are The Persecuted

Happy Are The Peacemakers

Happy Are the Pure in Heart

Happy Are the Merciful

Happy Are The Hungry

How to be a Grace Giver

The Magic of Christmas

Christmas Evening Service


The First Star Trek

The Power of Gentleness

What Do You Desire Most?

Happy Are The Mourners

How To Have A Blessed Life-Part 1 & 2

Act Like a Woman

8 Words to change your family for life