Our vision, VALUES, Strategy


Is to  Glorify God in everything we do!

We desire the glory of God in Christ:

  • God ordains the church to enjoy His glory

We glorify God as we become like Christ:

  • Following Christ and becoming like Him is the vision of every Christian and every church

  • Through our worship gatherings, we exalt God in Christ as the only one who is worthy of our worship

We glorify God "By making Disciples"

The four primary facets of disciple-making are:

  • Share the word

  • Do the word

  • Teach the word

  • Serve the world

The questions we are constantly asking at First Baptist Church of Bosque Farms are: 

How can we most effectively make disciples of all people?  How can we most effectively unleash the power of scripture into people's lives? How can we bring God the most glory?

Small groups are:

  • The primary avenue for disciple-making to occur

  • Approximately 8-12 believers sharing life together.  We accomplish this during Sunday morning Bible study and throughout the week in various small group settings

  • Growing inward by doing the the Word and teaching the Word

  • Growing outward by sharing the Word and serving the World

We glorify God by reaching people for Jesus and teaching them everything He commanded them to do so they can do the same.

Everything we do at First Baptist Church of Bosque Farms, we do ultimately for the sake of God's glory in helping all people become mature disciples of Christ.


  • Biblical Proclamation (Acts 2:42)

  • Love without Limits (Acts 2:42)

  • Wholehearted Worship (Acts 2:42)

  • Desperate Prayer (Acts 2:42)

  • Disciple Making (Acts 2:47)



We align all of our plans with the Word of God.

We believe in unleashing the life changing power of scripture into peoples lives one verse at a time.

We are not asking God to bless our plans.

We are aligning with the plans He has already promised to bless.

We purposefully equip people to make disciples of all nations.

Church leaders are equippers, not event planners.

Church leaders do not exist to provide services, they exist to serve people.

Church leaders are not program-driven; they are people-driven.

The success of our missions depends greatly on leadership development.

We organize our ministries and maximize our resources for rapid multiplication of the Gospel:

  • First Baptist Church of Bosque Farms is not a place of ministry; we are a base of ministry.

  • We must eliminate all references to the church as a building from our vocabularies!

Everything we do at First Baptist Church of Bosque Farms, we do ultimately for the sake of God's glory in making disciples of all people from all nations.  We are intentional about penetrating various cultures with the Gospel through various means.

Simple Church
We focus all our resources on a straight forward process aimed at producing world-impacting disciple-makers. That process begins and ends with the life changing power of scripture.

There are three primary activities in this process:

1.  Worship Gatherings

2.  Small Groups

3.  Community and World impact events


We are willing to risk everything to accomplish our mission:

  • For the sake of the lost...

  • For the sake of the poor...

  • For the sake of the church...

  • Ultimately for the sake of Christ...

Impact the World!

A church with this vision, values and strategy will produce world impacting disciple-makers.