SUNDAY MORNING--Beginning at 9:15am


Hosted by:  Charles Demers
Room 223
This class is for young single adults, having real conversations regarding God's truth as they seek direction relevant to their circumstances and station in life.  They welcome new members and guests.

Hosted by:  Shane and Christa Neal
Room R202
Realizing all young couples have similar struggles in their marriages, we seek to encourage each other through Bible study, fellowships and seasonal events.  We endeavor to lead these couples to seek God's guidance in their marriages, their families, and their community, and to reach out with the gospel to those whom they have influence.  We encourage the couples to be faithful to God and to each other in every aspect of their lives.

Hosted by:  Dave Vickers and Dave Clark
Room 231
This class is for adults of all ages who want to delve more deeply into God's Word.  It is designed to study one book at a time, verse-by-verse.  We examine the cultural significance of the time in which it was written and make connections to our daily lives.  We invite others to join us as we explore the riches of God's Holy Word, and discover what He has intended for us today.

Hosted by:  Dan Drake
Room R213
We are a group of devoted, caring, sharing, and supporting folk who often get into lively discussions of the current topic.  We are using Lifeway Adult Bible Study curriculum to guide us in our journey as we build our lives on the solid foundation of God's Holy, inspired, inerrant word.  We are still growing into the Christ-likeness that God intended.

Hosted by:  Sandy Klein
Room R218
We are a class with members ranging in age from the 30's to the 60's.  We enjoy both topical studies on practical Christian living and book studies.  Good fellowship with plenty of laughter and heartfelt concern and care for the needs of others is very prevalent.  Come join the fun!

Hosted by:  Peggy Dutton
Room R214
The Grace class is a diverse women's group of all ages.  The atmosphere is both confrontive and confidential as well as a place to show your heart.  We are supportive of one another in our beliefs and our needs.  We study straight from God's Word and confirm our belief in missions by supporting a local children's home.

Hosted by:  Shirley Vest and Joyce Nicholson
Room R111
The Joy class is a group of "joyful," loving, caring, senior adult ladies and one gentlemen.  We study the scriptures, celebrate our position in Christ, and minister to each other and others as needs arise.  We love to welcome new members!

Hosted by:  Lula Parman
Room R112
We are a small group of ladies who enjoy studying God's Word together.  We invite ladies of all ages to come to our class!

Hosted by:  Johnny Robinson
Room 219
We are a group of men with diverse backgrounds, but who also share many of the same interests.  We begin our time by sharing our concerns and lifting them up to the Lord in prayer.  For Bible study, we are currently using "Explore the Bible" series from Lifeway.  Our discussions are open, meaningful, and all are invited to participate.  The atmosphere is relaxed and informal.  Please join us for coffee, fellowship, prayer and Bible study.

Our senior adult couples are blessed to have a great Bible teacher and wonderful classmates who volunteer to work to make sure that God's Word is taught, our fellowship is sweet, and our ministry to each other is loving and caring. 


 Barbara Owen

THE HUDDLE--Grades 7th to 12th
Hosted by:  Brian Mull
Youth Building
This Bible study is key in our efforts to teach biblical truths that our students can relate to in their everyday lives.


We are particularly sensitive to the needs, care and protection of the children entrusted into our care and make every effort to see that their biblical education is fostered.  First Baptist Church of Bosque Farms is a place for our children to meet Jesus.

Children’s Church: Melissa Turnbow 
Nursery (Birth - 3 year-olds): Dorothy Hudgens/ Leslee Schneider/ Lacey Caldwell
4 and 5 year-olds: Sarah Heaslet & Jenny Vickers
1st and 2nd grade: Paula Robinson and Pat Darr
3rd and 4th grade:  Phyllis Young  / Brent and Koli West
5th and 6th grade: Linda Dutton and Linda Ramerz